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Gold Cross Pendants

To wear a cross is an ancient tradition that has its roots in prehistoric times of creating first pendants that have played the role of talismans, amulets, and even of identity cards, proving social status of the owner. However, how this tradition has been taken by church is not still clearly known. Itís considered that early Christians did not use crosses, pendants and other jewelry. There is a suggestion first religious crosses appeared because of holy queen Helen, who found Holy Cross in year 326. Particles of this holy artifact were spread all over the world and, as St. John Chrysostom mentioned, every lucky owner of this relic didnít want to part with it even for a second. So people made pendants of precious metal and put the particles into them. Most probably, these pendants were made in the shape of a cross.

Later gold frameworks were used to keep other shrines and sacred objects. In Byzantine Empire a tradition of wearing pendants with the pictures of saints was very popular. First these pendants were made of stone and images were added using the technique of Greek glyptic. By the end of the tenth century AD pendants were made of silver and gold with rich inlay with precious stones and enamel.

For over 1500 years wearing a cross or images of saints has become an important aspect of faith for any Christian. In order to praise church members, goldsmiths improved skills and technique, making more and more attractive crosses and small icons. In addition the symbol of cross stopped being entirely a church thing. It also became a symbol of monarchy. Made of gold and gems huge and pompous crosses can be seen almost in any royal regalia. Crosses are put to the most notable orders, where crosses are usually rich decorated and inlayed with diamonds or less valuable gems. You can find jewelry in the form of a holy cross elsewhere Ė in architecture, decoration, outfits for war and peace. Slowly crosses became more widespread, but one thing left unchanged Ė people tried to decorate crosses, to highlight them, using talent and craftsmanship of jewelers.

In our web store you will find gold cross pendants of different canonic Christian forms, both Catholic and Orthodox. You will easily find red or combined gold cross pendants , white gold cross pendants, yellow gold cross pendants, enamel covered cross pendants, adult sized cross pendants, and smaller ones for kids. We also proudly offer Latin crosses with and without inlay, crystal cross pendants and much more.

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