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Magical Cross in Different Religions

Cross symbol is very simple. It is made of two crossed lines. In many cultures cross is used as a protective symbol. Different nations use similar cross symbols, even those nations that are divided by centuries.

Different cross images have many similar traits because the processes of human psychic have close connection with the processes of surrounding world.

In Platonism a cross symbolizes the Creator who has divided world into two parts and has put one part across another.

In ancient Egypt ankh (cross) was a symbol of unity, life, health and immortality. This cross is held by the Egyptian goddess Maat. Egyptian cross is also connected with the transformation of vital processes.

The Gnostics use a cross as a symbol of the equilibrium of perfections.

In Assyria a cross symbolized 4 directions in which the sun shined. Wearing a cross was a privilege of aristocrats.

In Rome cross was a symbol of punishment for crime.

The Phoenicians used cross as a symbol of life and health.

The Romans, Persians and Jew considered crucifixion the most humiliating and cruel punishment.

Christianity uses cross as a symbol of suffering, faith and contribution.

Mexican people consider cross an attribute of wind and rain gods.

Maori use cross as a symbol of the goddess of the Moon.

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